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Grain handling in Ukraine. What is happening to the market today?

For the first time in 15 years, grain handling in Ukraine has seriously decreased – from 53.7 million tons in 2019 to 47.2 million tons in 2020 – by about 12%.

Ukraine is the eighth largest wheat producer in the world (25.5 million tons of wheat in 2020) and is among the world’s leaders in grain exports. The growth of grain handling in the seaports of Ukraine has been steadily and rapidly growing for fifteen years in a row. An unprecedented investment race began, with port operators investing in additional infrastructure, warehouses and other facilities.

As a result, we have a situation in which most of the warehouses are simply idle, since they were built “for growth”, and the expected “growth” in grain exports did not appear.

There are reserves for increasing the volume of grain production. Today, the average yield in Ukraine is only 3.75 tons of grain per hectare of land. For example, in Germany this figure is more than twice as high: 7.53 t / ha.

A record grain harvest is expected throughout Ukraine this year, and the seaports of the Black Sea have already begun transshipment of the new crop.

We at LLC Clean Sea are always at your service for grain export of Ukrainian origin.

16.11.2021 CLEAN SEA LLC – генеральний агент BELGICA у порту призначення Одеса

CLEAN SEA LLC – Генеральний агент т/х BELGICA у порту Зебрюгге, під час транзиту через протоки Босфор та Дарданелли та, нарешті, у порту призначення Одеса. Ми спокійно та ефективно візьмемо на себе всі повсякденні рутинні завдання на т/х Belgica 24 години на добу та 7 днів на тиждень. Ми подбаємо про негайне оформлення необхідних матеріалів,..

18.08.2021 Nika-Tera handled 3.5 million tons of cargo

The Nika-Tera port handled 3.5 million tons of cargo and handled 227 vessels. Such indicators were recorded for 7 months of 2021. The main positions remain: * cereals, legumes, oilseeds and products of their processing – 1 million 798 thousand tons (51% of the total transshipment volume); * open storage bulk cargo – 1 million..

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