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History of the Black Sea Shipping Company

The history of the Black Sea Shipping Company goes back more than a century and a half, but in the last decades the Black Sea Shipping Company exists only nominally.

At the time of the collapse of the USSR, the ChMP included at least 234 ships. Ukraine lost practically all of them in the first years of its independence.
In 1992, Ukrmorflot was allowed to “change flags and lay ships to receive loans.” This was the beginning of the end of the ChMP.

By the end of 1992, the formerly profitable enterprise had run into $ 170 million in debt. Back then, Prime Minister Leonid Kuchma suggested starting the sale of ships to offshore companies to maintain the financial balance.

By 2004, the shipping company had 6 ships and 17 outstanding loans totaling $ 11 million. The company’s losses in 2005 amounted to more than half a billion dollars.

Today, the neutral financial budget of the ChMP is supported solely by the taxpayers, and the prospects for the revival of the once majestic and wealthy fleet are tending to zero.

16.11.2021 CLEAN SEA LLC – генеральний агент BELGICA у порту призначення Одеса

CLEAN SEA LLC – Генеральний агент т/х BELGICA у порту Зебрюгге, під час транзиту через протоки Босфор та Дарданелли та, нарешті, у порту призначення Одеса. Ми спокійно та ефективно візьмемо на себе всі повсякденні рутинні завдання на т/х Belgica 24 години на добу та 7 днів на тиждень. Ми подбаємо про негайне оформлення необхідних матеріалів,..

18.08.2021 Nika-Tera handled 3.5 million tons of cargo

The Nika-Tera port handled 3.5 million tons of cargo and handled 227 vessels. Such indicators were recorded for 7 months of 2021. The main positions remain: * cereals, legumes, oilseeds and products of their processing – 1 million 798 thousand tons (51% of the total transshipment volume); * open storage bulk cargo – 1 million..

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